Barca Barca

Barcelona = Best place in Europe so far.

After hearing, but not listening, to hillman yap about how great the city is for the last 4 years it actually lived up to all his dopey hype. The city has everything. Good weather, lots to do, best nightlife, beach, cool parks, sick futbol team, tapas, and trippy gaudi architecture.

Jen and I are leaving soon to take a bus then a train to Cannes and to try and enjoy the French Riviera in the cold. Dont think I´ll be seeing too many naked french chicks on the beach but looking forward to checking out Monaco.

My parents who are avid readers of this damn blog which directly correlates with much less interesting tales have told me my grammar is all wrong. More importantly, they have informed me to watch out for trains that split in the middle of the night and go in two different directions. They haven’t asked about my health insurance though for the last three phone calls so perhaps they are not yet fully senile. Also, my father hasn’t yet reminded me to apply sunscreen - a warning/recommendation I received during every phone conversation I had with him over the 18 month period when I lived in San Diego.

Anyway, didn’t mean to go hard on them but if your going to read this here blog, you better be ready to roll with the punches. I’m sure they will reply with some line about asking what roof I expect to live under when I get back to America and that would be theres. Good old 80 Dickenson Place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can always live with us in west chester!!!...you are a legend here, too. kevin mash loves you! he is always talking about "litvack" from the bachelor party and wedding night...oh what a night!!

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