A Few Israeli Picks

Boy, that trip to Israel from Great Neck was long and hard and took about 40 years but my camelĀ“s hump fit my nut sac splendidly.

The mud people of the dead sea including the Kibbutz Monster.

Littyhoops has a moment at the wall when he realizes their is more to life than college basketball.


Blogger NYC Single Girl said...

How much do I owe you for shouting out my blog? Or for spelling my name with an "e" one time and correct the other?

How much do I love your funny comments? Thanks for the lovely reminders of hooking up with people such as Hillman and Cohen. And no, it wasn't the coke machine, it was the ZBT basement. Maybe the coke machine too.

You should be proud of me, meeting new people, getting out of the scene, and living the life....sound familiar?

You too my friend - I'm way proud of you. Traveling the world, making the stops, and remaining happy. When do you get home so we can walk the walk again together?

I miss you and would give anything to fly out, visit, and then write some awesome blog about it.

3:01 PM  

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