Why I don´t write more

So I wish I can put down every random thing that goes through my mind on this blog but i haven’t been able to write much. Here are the reasons why.

1) Lack of computer. I wish I had a laptop but i don’t so i have to use internet cafes and hostel computers. Internet alone time is one of my favorite things in the world. No, not because of porn -- unless you consider spending countless hours on baseballreference.com (Andy Pettite will be the last 300 game winner in the history of baseball, check the stats) and st. john´s message boards as perverted. Anyway, my last job was based on the internet and hopefully my next job will too. Unfortunately, I´m either always on the clock and paying mad quids and euros for 10 minutes on a slow modem or I have some smelly, grungy hostel guy trying to look up his myspace account to kick game to his bitches back in malaysia.

2) Priority. First I have to check flights and travel information or jen yells at me. Then i check email and write back or my parent’s yell at me. Then I check my work email account because I have this overwhelming feeling of guilt that my life is amazing and theirs sucks. Next, I got to check on Michigan and st. johns basketball and if ron artest has been lynched in cow town. By then my time/money is done and there is no time to update the blog.

3) I know my parents are reading this. About half my stories are R rated and I want them to think I’m an upstanding citizen and a normal person so many entries die before they ever had life (kind of like sam alieto´s views on abortion).


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