Im in an internet cafe in paris and would love to tell some tales but this keyoard is in french and right now the only key i am good at finding is the delete button which i use 3 times a word. Got to tell you all about my eating disorder, the British P party, my quest for ass, and feeling like an idiot in the Lourve, my language skills, and much more.

We are taking the overnight train to Madrid tomorrow. Please keep on writing me with suggestions for stuff to do and see. dont really have a plan or a clue so everything is appreciated.

also im working on marni, ellstein, and colby to come out for the olympics. if anybody else is interested please get in touch as i would love to share good times (that includes you mom and dad)



Blogger Bwetty SWAMP Marley said...

Heres a lil suggestion about Madrid...the Phantom of the Opera is in Spanish...After Gotti left I was alone there for a while and was staying right next to the theater. I bought a decent seat and sat in the theater to get a lil culture, after having been in Spain for 10 days and saying wtf to myself for the first 15 minutes I realized that the entire thing was going to be in Spanish. Left at Intermission went back to my hotel and watched Kobe Bryant get arrested.

There is 1 Hotel in Madrid with a pool, thats where I stayed cause it was 110 degrees...I know it Februrary but regardless ask around for it, go there and order the Entrecot...best steak Ive ever had in my life.

Other then that go see the sites there, the Castle, the Plazas, Real Madrid stadium.

From there I would head to Barcelona and do everything you possibly can there, place is awesome. Pick up a lil hash from the pakistanis and go to the Park Gaul, take a tour of the Stadium, go to the clubs - I think one was called Dancetoria or Danceatorium was pretty cool, Las Ramblas is a nutty street if you wasted after 1 am fuck around with the 5,000 black prostitutes on the street...during the day there are weird street shows...explains a lot about Hillman. Also, there is a casino in Port Olympico and ton of really cool bars there, once wasted ask around that strip for the FANNY possibly the greatest sandwich ever....had it 3 nights in a row.


P.S. - Shaun White won gold in the X games and hes gonna run Torino like Alberto Tomba in the early 90s.


3:33 PM  
Blogger Kosh Digga said...

Litty glad to hear your travels are going swimingly, thanks for entertaining up with this here blog.

In London did you stay at Picadilly Backpackers Inn?Was the 3rd floor sealed off due to some respiratory illness cultivating in there?

Anyway everyone had some good suggestions. In Madrid check out the Palacio Real and go to the Reina Sofia (modern art)over the Prado, only so many paintings of Jesus being crucified one can see, Reina Sofia has more cool shit. Visit some of the Plazas there, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Sol are real cool, people are always chilling and eating outdoors. If you go out hit up Kapital, 6 story nightclub. Keep in mind people don't go out til like 2am. Also definitly try to go to a bullfight if you can. You may or may not like it, but it is definitly something you have to experience while there. Tix shoulnd't be that expensive. You can see one in Barcelona too if you don't get a chance. In Madrid i stayed at a good place called Hostal Persal, in the Plaza del Angel- good location and clean and everything.

In Barcelona eat at a place called La Fonda- real good, cheap eats but get there early or late, a huge line forms. Try to stay at the top of Las Ramblas, not the bottom where Hillman lived. Real sketchy toward the bottom. Be safe and beware the gypsies and weird/gay euro dudes with mullets and mohawks...

4:55 PM  
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